Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

I am not a big Valentine's Day fan. H and I do the bare minimum, and I'd be okay even if we didn't do that. This year, it was a little hard not to get excited, because of B.

The night before V-Day, I asked B what he was going to tell his classmates the next day. He proudly told me, "Roll Tide!" So much for the Happy Valentine's Day I had taught him. He may not be a big fan of the holiday, either.

We made special Valentines for B's classmates that I saw on  We took individual cereal boxes, tied on a red spoon using pink ribbon, and included a heart tag that said, "I CEREALsly like you." I thought they turned out well:
B's class did not have a Valentine's Day party, but instead had a red tasting party...cookies, cupcakes, apple slices, etc. Aunt Abby made t-shirts for B and EVERYONE else in the class. B liked wearing the same shirt as the rest of the boys in his class:

That night, H and I gave B his Valentine from us. He loved the Elmo card (along with the stickers) and went crazy over the finger paints. B paints constantly at school, but we've never tried it at home. It was a total success (and thank goodness it was washable paint):

It was a great day! I love seeing the world through B's eyes!

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